How to download offline regions?

Step 1 - Download the app and open up your Offline Regions

Get the Bikemap app for iOS or Android. Then go to your Premium tab and open "Offline Maps". This is the place where you organize your offline maps. Not a Premium Member yet? Start your free trial now.






Step 2 - Select your custom map area

Move the map to show the area of your choice. You can zoom in and out to adjust the size of the map area. There is a maximum size for one offline map, but as a Bikemap Premium member you can download as many as you want!


Step 3 - Switch off mobile data mode and enjoy offline navigation!

By turning off mobile data usage, you can access the offline ride mode. Just press the blue ride button and get going! In offline mode you can longpress anywhere in the map to get turn-by-turn navigation instructions.



Manage your offline maps. The only limit is your device's memory

Choose and download as many offline maps as you like. The only limit is your device's memory. Delete unused maps to free up memory.




Offline routes are available with a single tap - worldwide!

Plan your routes in the Route Editor on web or choose from 3 millions of user routes. Then open the route in the app and tap on "Make available offline". The route line and the map area around the route are downloaded. 







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