How can I add more information to my route?

Before saving your route, add a title and a description with information that could be interesting for other cyclists - for example the best part of the route, or some information on the locations the route passes through.

Give your route a meaningful name (we recommend including the location) so that other users can easily find it.

Also upload a header picture and other photos to inspire other cyclists to click on your route. The header picture will also be shown as a preview. If you do not have any pictures of your route just choose between different default header pictures!

Hint: If you want to copy & paste a text into the description field, use the "Word" button and paste your text into the box that pops up to avoid formatting issues.

If you want to share your route with the Bikemap community leave it public. If you want to keep it to yourself, just set it private and it will only be visible to you.

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