How do I import routes from my device?

In this article we describe how you can import routes from your navigation device to Bikemap.

Step 1: Transfer files from your device to your computer
Step 2: Upload file to Bikemap
Step 3: Edit your route (optional)


Step 1: Transfer files from your device to your computer

First transfer your route files from your GPS device to your computer. Check the manual of your GPS device for instructions on how to transfer your files.


Step 2: Upload file to Bikemap

Then continue on When clicking on the button "New Route" choose "Upload GPX/KML file": 


In the dialog window which pops up, you can either drag & drop your file into the relevant field, or click on "Upload and import file" to search your computer. Press the "Upload and import file"-button to start the upload process.



Step 3: Edit your route (optional)

Bikemap works with GPX and KML files. The uploaded route will open in the route editor, where you can make adjustments by moving the track points and adding a title, description, bike type, points of interest (POIs) and images to your route. You also have the option to set your route to private, which makes it only visible to you and will not be shared with other users on Bikemap. 

The route finally will be saved to your profile after hitting the "Save route"-button.



Feel free to contact our support-team any time via if you have further questions or feedback.

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