How do I import GPX files from the iPhone to the Bikemap app? (iOS)

In this article we describe how you can open GPX files saved on your iPhone using the Bikemap App. 


Step 1: Select the GPX file

Go to the "Files" folder or the place you saved the GPX file on your iPhone and tap on the file.


Step 2: Upload the file to Bikemap

Now tap die Taste „Teilen“. A window with the different options to share the file will appear. 

Among the displayed options you should see the Bikemap icon (if necessary, you have to tap "More"). After selecting this option the route will open on Bikemap.



Step 3: Edit the route details (optional)

In the app you can edit the route details like route title, bike type and surface. You can also add photos.

After you press "Save" the route will get saved on your profile.



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