How to use Bikemap and WearOS

1. Download the WearOS and Bikemap App

2. Connect to Wifi

3. When the WearOS App is installed, the features are shown in the
3a) Route details (show route on watch online, download it for offline usage and turn off the route so it can not be seen on the watch anymore) and in the
3b) Offline Maps

- Go to Route details and tap on online -> Route can be then seen on the watch -> Go to bikemap app on the watch switch one screen to the right side to get to the map -> then the route can be seen.
- When downloading the offline route -> tap on offline -> the route can be seen on the map even the watch is not connected to the phone or internet. (see screenshot)



- Go to Offline maps -> First download the map of the area you want to track a route or have the map available offline. Then afterwards turn on the switch under the downloaded offline map to make it available on the watch. After the download -> The map is available on your watch even thought the watch is not connected to the internet our your phone. (see screenshot)


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